I had the pleasure to interview and review former lead guitarist and founder of Catfish and the Bottlemen Billy Bibby and his new band 'The Wry Smiles'. Comprised of BB, Rob Jones, Matt Thomas and Mike Pearce, these newcomers have been extremely busy over the course of 2016 in the release of their EP Bide [...]

Hey guys! So I went to see one of my favourite bands again, Catfish and the Bottlemen at Manchester, Castlefield Bowl. This was my sixth time seeing them and throughout the year there had been a massive hype about their performance at this particular location. Unfortunately but not surprisingly due to the vast amount of [...]

To start, I am a massive fan of Catfish and the Bottlemen so have waited for 'The Ride' for quite literally 2 years after their debut album, 'The Balcony' was released in 2014. Already, I genuinely believe that Catfish have had an extremely difficult task with topping such an incredible debut. Before I get into [...]

Hey guys! So yesterday I went to see one of my favourite bands for the fourth time at Hull Ice Arena. I felt like it was important  to be there, especially because technically it was their first arena that they have ever played. To see them grow from tiny venues to a sold out arena [...]