Preview: The Howl & The Hum

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If a musical hotspot like Manchester has left their Jimmy’s show this weekend on ‘Waiting List Only’, you know you’re in for something worthwhile

Photo: Olivia White @ The Mancunion

The Howl & The Hum are an enchanting York-based quartet comprised of lead singer Sam Griffiths, bassist Bradley Blackwell, lead guitarist Conor Hirons, and drummer Jack Williams. Each polished musician cultivates a sound so intense and striking that you would hardly believe a small city such as York would have the capacity to produce it.

From beginning their musical journey performing on various open mic nights to recently featuring on BBC Radio 6, it is clear that The Hum are destined for success in 2018 as affirmed by Tom Robinson himself, claiming “The Howl and The Hum are a seriously great band, from whom you will be hearing a great deal more in the coming months.”

Having released their most recent single ‘Portrait I’ and announcing their second ever tour covering eight dates across country, there’s really no excuse but to get down to a show and indulge yourself in only what can be described as a very surreal yet somehow familiar warmth of nostalgia and vitality. Whether that be a welcomed feeling or even one that may leave you slightly uncomfortable, The Hum’s performance as a collective entity will leave your mouth dry and your stomach churned.

Due to frontman Griffith’s tendency to draw inspiration from short stories in creating lyrics, it is no surprise that each track The Howl & The Hum have written could feature in the next few decades worth of drama and thriller movies. This atmospheric, cinematic style they have concocted means that their live performances are incomparable to anything any modern band is currently offering. Their artistic flexibility in how they choose to perform their discography for each show keeps The Hum dynamic and unpredictable.

The Howl & The Hum are a band you don’t want regret having not seen when they were still playing intimate venues. Do your mind and soul a favour, allow Sam Griffiths and his musical counterparts to envelope you in a sound that will haunt you for months and leave you craving more.

I mean if a musical hotspot like Manchester has left their Jimmy’s show this weekend on ‘waiting list only’, you know you’re in for something worthwhile.