Pale Waves @ Sound Control 18/10/17

Pale Waves are a shimmering, glimmering Mancunian quartet who have really risen to prominence over the past year in which they’ve released their first two official singles ‘There’s a Honey’ and ‘Television Romance’.  Heather’s hazy vocals embellish a blend of soft and intricate guitar riffs which are accompanied by drummer Ciara’s bold beats producing singles that are reminiscent of summer.


Despite lead singer Heather presenting a very angelic and dreamlike persona whilst performing, you are able to see the weight she carries amongst her bandmembers at the front of the stage which is perfectly balanced by Ciara at the back. Both musicians very much lead Hugo and Charlie as their components fuse together to create nifty 90s inspired indie-pop which is great to see given it being a heavily male dominated genre. Pale Waves are unique as to any unaware listener who may stumble upon them, would probably assume their vibe to be grunge or emo, despite this not being the case, some of the lyrics do resonate with this image as you can tell by Heather’s fashion statement or makeup in the photos attached.

From little entwining hand movements to drawn back, full body whirls Pale Waves allowed the audience to participate in what you may be inclined to compare to an intimate jamming session as their glistening synth enveloped you in warmth and glittered, fuzzy nostalgia. My only concern for this blossoming four-piece is losing their roots in any The 1975 influence (as much as I love them). I can wholeheartedly say that Pale Waves have a very real and raw sound having seen them once before early last year supporting Sundara Karma at The Wardrobe which I’m sure they will not lose sight of.