Dead Pretties at the Castle Hotel 28/09/17

Hey guys! I haven’t written anything for my blog in such a long time for various reasons including a-levels, family stuff, travelling and starting uni blah blah blah but hopefully I’m gonna be back on it more than ever now that I live in Manchester. I genuinely believe that Manc still is and always has been right at the core of producing and playing stage to some of the best artists in the indie rock/alt-rock genre so I’m hoping it’ll be easier to get gigging again! L x

Dead Pretties at the Castle Hotel 28/09/17


Admittedly I’d never actually heard of the Dead Pretties but when a flatmate of mine said he had a spare ticket I just couldn’t resist getting back out there and indulging myself in what Manc had to offer especially when Orlando had singled out their frontman Jacob Slater as being a right character. Instantly I was intrigued and as soon as Slater strolled on wearing his oversized shirt, jeans and docs along with bassist Oscar Browne wearing striped dungarees I knew I’d made the right decision. Within seconds, the Dead Pretties enveloped the Castle Hotel in heavy, chaotic and merciless guitar riffs accompanied by the drummer Ben’s hot-tempered beats which resounded just as much in your eardrums as they did in your chest.

Newest single ‘Confidence’ is brimmed with fiery attitude and impassioned lyrics which hit you quite literally like a brick wall as I was dragged into a frenzied pit full of sweaty long hair, perfectly echoed by Slater’s full body flinches and running across the floor. The general style of the Dead Pretties is not easy to pinpoint and label, perhaps the opening of ‘Confidence’ and elements of ‘Water’ hint at influences drawn from Nirvana but each song evolves into their own weighty, unhinged raucous but one thing’s for certain, they know how to put on a show.


Brief pauses laced throughout many of their songs allow the crowd to release the air that has been built up in their lungs unbeknownst to them as they’ve spent the past 30 seconds mesmerised watching Browne and Slater’s syncopated headbanging. The Pretties reground the rhythm before plunging you back into a concoction of very raw, gritty guitar shreds along with raspy gabbing vocals. Absolutely mental.

Listen to the Dead Pretties here…