Little Comets at Leeds University Stylus 17/03/17

Hi guys! Last night I went to see one of my all-time favourite bands Little Comets for the fourth time who have just released their newest album ‘Worhead’. Having not had chance to listen to it prior to the gig I was incredibly excited to hear it live for the first time and experience it in its purest form.

Taken by myself

Just going to simply highlight that this was honestly their best gig that I have been to yet. From the moment they walked on stage and opened with A Little Opus, the nifty quintet absolutely nailed every single note and harmony present in their songs which I would like to specifically refer to as art forms. Little Comets have always been a band for me that create music reaching beyond what is considered to be of normal composition. Seriously, the sheer emotion behind the complex lyrics that are laced with soothing harmonies never fail to leave me with goose bumps. ‘Worhead’ certainly has not let me down in this respect with my personal favourites Hunting and Common Things which possess that same distinctive quirkiness which made me fall in love with this band the first time I saw them live back in 2012 at Party in the Park.

Surprisingly they performed far more of their older songs than I had expected but of course that’s nothing to complain about, especially when I finally heard Bridge Burn live (one of my absolute favourite songs). I could honestly talk about how much of a masterpiece the studio version of Bridge Burn is for hours so frankly, I had been a little intrigued as to whether or not it would be performed just as well. Who am I kidding, of course it was! If you have never listened to Little Comets, I suggest you stop reading this right this second and give it a listen (don’t worry, I’ll forgive you) before going over to have a nosey at ‘Worhead’.

Taken by myself


I just can’t get over how polished this band have become. Every single time I’ve seen them, they’ve only gotten better and bigger. On Friday night there were pits for practically every song that you could even try and dance to as well as the echo of the crowd’s singing after every lyric that was sung. I had started the night on the steps at the side just expecting to stand in my own bubble of musical bliss but found myself drawn to the pit to participate in the relentless powerhouse that was the main floor.


It appears that Little Comets are no longer my personal hidden gem of a band.


Taken by myself

Bridge Burn: