‘Heir’ at The Wardobe, Leeds 07/12/16

L to R- Ste, Tom, Harry, Sam P & Sam N

‘Heir’ are an indie-pop quintet who originated from “all over the place” ranging from Blackpool to Exeter who I had the pleasure of seeing last night at The Wardrobe in Leeds.

From start to finish, the pure vitality and vigour of all five members radiated and filled every corner of the venue. ‘Heir’ are perfectionists and truly revel in performing. Of course, such intense energy was reflected by the audience leaving the vast majority fighting the urge to dance. Each member echoed an impassioned attitude which bounced off each other leading to a perfectly executed and exhilarating performance.

The skills expressed by Ste on guitar and Harry on Bass are flawlessly framed by Sam Perry’s keys. These were underlined by the unrelenting and powerhouse of a drummer, Sam Newham. However, what really stood out was the backdrop that these combined efforts created for Tom’s light and emotive vocals which were superbly complimented by heart-warming harmonies. This is most prominently demonstrated in my personal favourites ‘You were the one that drove here’ and “Scrapped Paper”.

It is clear that ‘Heir’ take inspiration from very real and personal experiences which works utterly to their advantage enabling them to thoroughly connect to their audience. Their lyrics are grounded and their overall music expression is very raw making their collaborative sound genuine and accomplished.