Most underrated band of the year: An interview with Glass Caves

Photo taken by Peter Hugo –

‘Glass Caves’ are a Pontefract 4-piece indie rock band who took to the stage at the Belgrave Music Hall in Leeds on 18/11/16.

Opening with the first track ‘Go’ from their debut, raw and gritty lyrics are impassioned by Matt’s raspy vocals as their collective efforts as polished musicians merge together to form a concoction of heavy and frenzied rock music decorated by light synthetic beats. 

‘Glass Caves’ radiated a sense of warmth and intense passion through their stage presence which infused the air to create an electric atmosphere. As well as performing a mix of tracks from their debut ‘Alive’, songs featuring on their upcoming second album were also included and I think it’s fair to say that the audience was fascinated.

Steering away from their older sound, Glass Caves have perfectly executed and refined their newfound sound with songs such as ‘Do you have a name?’ and ‘I Do’. Both of which are stunning live and reflect the sheer energy they possess as a band.

By far one of the best gigs I have been to recently.

Read my interview with Elliott, Connor and Matt to hear more about sit-on lawnmowers, motown and Justin Bieber!

From left to right: Elliott (Drums), Will(Bass), Connor (Lead Guitar), Matt (Vocals) 

Where does the name ‘Glass Caves’ come from?

Matt: Well when we first started, we used to practice in a greenhouse. I guess it’s a bit like a glass cave, isn’t it? The garage at Connor’s Nan’s was covered in boats and sit-on lawnmowers so we decided to practice with the tomatos. 

Elliott: I mean it would get too hot in the summer and far too cold in the winter

Matt: Yeah so we did it about autumn

What was the inspiration behind your most recent single ‘Alive’?

Connor: Last year we did a tour in Scotland and that was our first time in Edinburgh. It was the most beautiful city in the UK without a doubt, it was just mint. When we got there, we arrived in the middle of the night and just walked up the Royal Mile which is one big street that leads all the way up to the castle. There was no one around so we went to the top of the castle and we were looking out on all these lights that were insane so I decided to write a song about it

So it’s about Scotland then?

Connor: Yeah yeah

Matt: Yeah, mostly touring

After hearing ‘Alive’ and ‘Do you have a name?’ from your tour promo videos, I’ve noticed a clear change in sound in comparison to your debut. Is this sound adopted throughout the whole of your upcoming new songs?

Matt: Yeah, it’s totally different beast. Mostly because you don’t want to repeat what you’ve already done. The debut was its own project which we’ve moved on from and in the process, we’ve sculpted and changed things to get something new. Almost like a piece of art, you’ve got to be fresh.

Connor: The reason why the new songs sound the way they do was because of our busking. It meant that we stripped down versions of our songs including doing acoustic versions for YouTube as well which we got a positive reaction from. That meant that for our next album, we wanted to let the songs breathe a bit more.

Who are your biggest influences?

Matt: We’re big fans of bands like ‘The Police’, ‘XTC’ and ‘Kings of Leon’ but we all like a lot of different stuff.  I like a bit of heavy stuff, Elliott’s naturally motown

Elliott: Just like to dance don’t I?

Matt: Connor likes melodic, acoustic stuff

Connor: Yeah I prefer the sadder, more depressing stuff

Matt: I guess we all find a middle ground where we all come to a point where we like it and it’s a merge of everything

What made you want to be in a band?

Matt: I was asked if I’d be in the band and I got in a bit too deep

Connor: Yeah Matt performed a bit of Damien Rice on YouTube. I like to think he’s our very own Justin Bieber

Elliott: Yeah then we just tracked him down

Connor: We saw him and said we’ll have him

Matt: It went around college, got quite a good reaction

Elliott: Yeah it did. I mean I knew him but I didn’t know his alter ego that could also sing and play guitar. Not just this baboon in biology. I thought, Connor look what we could do here because at that point we were singing and it wasn’t quite right.

Matt: They got me in for a little interview

What did you have to do for your interview?

Matt: Just had to sing a couple of songs. It was quite nerve-racking actually, knowing three people were thinking “Is he good?”

Is there a specific artist or band that changed the music industry for you?

Elliott: I think band-wise, it was when the strokes came out

Matt: Eh, you’re going for ‘The Strokes’ as an iconic band?

Elliott: Yeah it was ‘Is this it?’ and after that there were so many bands that did the indie thing

Matt: But surely ‘Arctic Monkey’s’ first album was more influential? Would you not have said ‘Led Zeppelin’? They were a pretty big turning point

Elliott: Not in my lifetime though

Would you rather perform with Red Hot Chilli Peppers, write a song with Paul McCartney or have 3 hit singles in a row?

Matt: 3 hit singles, anyday

Connor: Yeah it would have to be. Selfish, aren’t we?

Matt: At 3 hit singles we could go on tour with Chillis

If there was one song in the world that you wish you had written, what would it be?

Elliott: It’s got to be ‘Colour Blind’ by Darius Campbell

Connor and Matt (laughing)

Matt: It’s proper obvious but I’d probably say ‘Stairway to heaven’ or ‘Hotel California’. They’ve been out so long but sound mint every time you hear them.

Connor: I watched the ‘Oasis’ documentary two days ago so I’ll pick ‘Wonderwall’. I mean I don’t even like ‘Oasis’ but it’s a great song.

Elliott: Remember singing it in assembly at school

Connor and Matt (laughing): What?

What is your ultimate aspiration as a band?

Connor: I just want to make a living out of it and I’m happy with that

Matt: I want to play big stages to big crowds. I mean a living would be great but I like the bigger side of it. Imagine standing in front of 100,000 people

Elliott: Someone tweeted tonight saying “When you coming to nyc?”

Matt: Yeah so to tour the world and to see the world as a band would be amazing

What was the most emotionally challenging song to write?

Matt: ‘Match’

Elliott: ‘Let Go’

Matt: For ‘Match’, I was at uni doing sport science and I thought this is awful

So you wrote ‘Match’ about sport science?

Connor: (in hysterics)

Matt: No, it’s about being stuck somewhere you don’t want to be and I thought, is this what life is?

The guitar solo in that, is one of my favourites

Connor: Yeah that’s a good one

Matt: That was me, back in the day when my guitar skills featured on tracks

Connor: Well when we write songs, we bring different bits together so I guess it’s a collaboration.

Matt: That was very evasive

Connor: I think ‘Slady Ways’ was mine

How about ‘Swim’?

Connor: Actually, that was supposed to be a happy and postive song

If you were stuck on a desert island and could only take one album with you, what would it be?

Elliott: ‘Motown Chartbuster classics, Volume 4’

Matt: I’m still obsessed with Tame Impala’s ‘Currents’, I just can’t get over it

Connor: I think mine is ‘X and Y’ by Coldplay, there’s just something about it


Catch Glass Caves who will be playing St Thomas’ Church, Lancaster on the 2nd December!