My current favourites 


Hey guys, sorry I haven’t written anything for such a long time, I’ve been so busy!
I have constructed a list of some of my favourite songs at the moment. They are all written by modern bands and artists but some are older songs than others. Hope you enjoy!

Turnover// Diazepam

Peripheral Vision by Turnover is by far one of my current favourite albums. Every single song is an absolute masterpiece and despite all having similar chill vibes, they’re not boring or repetitive. The thing I love most about this album is the fact that each song sounds incredibly personal and the emotion portrayed is so raw and real. Personally, I’m not usually a fan of prominent American accents in music but there’s just something about Turnover that makes it fit so well in their style. Diazepam is probably my favourite but having said that, it changes and will continue to change ever so often due to the top quality of the entire record.

  • I would highly recommend listening to this song on full volume with earphones on a car journey.

Inheaven// Tangerine 

Tangerine is yet again another fairly calm song but in a completely different way to Diazepam. Inheaven perfectly capture nifty little 80’s sounds which compliment their strong, original riffs and lyrics. Taylor’s vocals, particularly in this song are mesmerising. They way in which the song is constructed and the way the harmonies fit together creates a seducing and spell-binding ambience.

  • Would definitely listen to this one when it’s dark outside ( again with headphones in a car!)

Broken Hands// Four

As a fairly stark contrast to the recommendations so far, Broken Hands are 100x louder and at least 100x heavier but I still wouldn’t class them as heavy metal. Trying to define the genre of Broken Hands is very difficult and perhaps quite a foolish thing to do as they don’t appear to quite fit into a particular category. However, this is exactly what makes them so intriguing and so unique. I have to admit, I wasn’t convinced upon my first listen but then I saw them live and was blown away. From the very opening riff of Four to the incessant ‘noise’ of the crunching guitar riffs, Broken hands have assembled a powerhouse of a song.

  • It  seems almost comical  to envision them performing at small venues and pubs but hey ho, they’ll get there. I have absolutely no doubts.

JAWS // Right infront of me

Jaws are definitely another one of my favourite modern bands and this is solely down to their tone. If you’re already a Jaws fan, I expect you already know what I mean. Every song emanates a similar soothing feeling but each song is also very different. Right infront of me is the perfect balance of speed and emotional intensity. Unlike a fair amount of other Jaws songs being slow and mellow, Right infront of me is far more upbeat but it still manages to resonate the same level of sentimentality.

TRASH// Hot Coffee

The artwork is what drew me in when I first listened to this song. Having seen ‘Trash’ plastered all over my twitter over the past few months, I wanted to see what all the hype was about. I don’t usually fall in love with songs on the first listen  but hot coffee was an exception. The guitar opening is so simple yet so effective and plunges you into a world of nostalgia and leaves you slightly uncomfortable about something you can’t quite put your finger on- in the best way. Hot coffee reminds me so much of cold weather and staying inside on rainy nights after being out all day, it’s so beautiful.

Tame Impala// The Bold Arrow Of Time

I genuinely believe that The bold arrow of time by Tame Impala is an absolute work of art but may be easier to grasp if you’re familiar with classic rock or similar roots. Everything about it emits late 60s and 70s rock  and as a die hard classic rock fan, this is extremely exciting for me. Tame Impala don’t simply take inspiration from influences, they distort and invert concepts present within old rock music to produce original and ear-shattering music. Predictably, the bassline in this song is outstanding. Clearly derives influences from Floyd, Sabbath and Zeppelin.

BØRNS// American Money

When I first listened to Borns, I didn’t take completely to the entire album as there was more techno and pop vibes present which isn’t usually my thing but after the music video was released for it, I was enraptured. If you haven’t watched the video or listened to this song before please watch the video too. Borns’ vocal range in practically every song he’s ever recorded stands out amongst the majority of singers, it’s ridiculous! I can’t understand how Borns isn’t bigger, especially in the UK but there’s still time I guess.

  • He’s also gorgeous which is a bonus…just watch the video.

Sundara Karma// Diamond Cutter

Diamond Cutter has been my absolute favourite Sundara Karma song since I first started listening to them a few years ago. The video, Oscar’s vocals, the echoing guitar riffs, the lyrics… everything about it is perfect. Whenever, I listen to it I feel empowered somehow despite the topic being fairly sad. The lyrics of the chorus resonate with me which may sound cheesy but it’s what makes it so special and personal to me. Unfortunately, Sundara have never performed this live when I’ve seen them but I can guarantee that when they do, they’ll have to peel me off the floor.

Glass Caves// Alive

Image result for alive glass caves

Glass Caves are a band that I became familiar with because they busk in Leeds and I want to start by saying that, for this song to be produced by a band that still busks is phenomenal. You would think they’ve been going decades and sold out large venues with the sound that is demonstrated in this song. By far one of my favourite songs over the past few years, Glass Caves have nailed everything. You simply can’t flaw anything in Alive. The rawness and the raspiness of Matt’s voice is further exposed by the combination of beautifully written guitar parts and a drum beat that accentuates the sheer emotion of the song. 12/10, go listen.

Blossoms// Deep Grass

Surprise, surprise that Blossoms are also one of my favourite modern bands but Deep Grass really highlights exactly why I love them so much. From their debut, this was the song that stood out the most in my opinion. Perhaps that’s because it sound’s a lot more like their original b sides and my absolute favourite ‘Across the moor’ but in isolation, Deep Grass is a very clever and groovy (cringe) song. I hate the word groovy but I feel as though this is the only word I can use to describe it. Something about the techno beats that sit on top of the repeated keyboard motif makes me feel funny. Deep Grass also contains some of Tom’s  most beautiful lyrics and it’s brought to an end with a gritty, sensational guitar solo from Josh.

  • Please do go listen to their debut if you haven’t already. I recommend Deep Grass, Honey Sweet and Blown Rose