Sundara Karma- Brudenell Social Club 26/09/16

Joy Room

‘Joy Room’ exhibited an incredibly warm and raw sounding set which was absolutely perfect in preparing the audience for the rest of the night. The scouse, 4-man indie pop rock band mastered little, intricate guitar riffs which were complimented by the tight harmonising of 18 year-old lead singer (also lead guitarist) Sean Martin and drummer Carl Dillon.


If anything, FREAK were the complete opposite to Joy Room, but not in a bad way.  An intense, loud explosion of indie rap-rock exploded on stage, clearly paying tribute to both ‘Slaves’ and ‘Rat Boy’. FREAK emanated a fierce energy that had the crowd moving from the moment the lead singer’s guitar pic hit his fretboard.

The Essex newcomers certainly set the mood for the main act.

Sundara Karma

This was the fifth time that I have seen Reading’s indie-quartet and they are still by far one of the greatest bands that I have seen live. The clear chemistry between the extravagantly styled members whilst performing is what makes seeing Sundara live so special. Due to my classic rock roots, I consider myself to be pretty knowledgeable when it comes to pits. I have been to countless gigs within the indie-rock genre but Sundara Karma are the only band that come close to the shear energy exerted by the fans to compare with the likes of ACDC and Sabbath.

If you’re not willing to get a bit sweaty and coat yourself in glitter at a Sundara Karma gig then you may as well go home.

Frontman, Oscar Lulu is extraordinarily enchanting. From his tight flared jeans and his open leather jacket to his ethereal aura, any sign of him venturing towards the crowd sent the hundreds of fans hurling towards him in the hope that they just might hold his hand.

The effortless yet extremely powerful influence possessed by the band made for an equally seamless and mesmerising performance.