Songs to listen to when you’re sad

Hey guys,

Rather than be normal and list you uplifting and inspiring songs to listen to when you’re sad, I thought I’d make a list of my favourite ballads and slower, sad songs. Not only because I prefer them over any louder, more upbeat songs but I also think that, secretly, when you’re feeling down you quite like to wallow in a large amount of emotion when it comes to listening to music.

As you’ll be able to see, as well as modern songs from more recent rock bands, I’ve also included what I think to be classic, timeless and beautiful songs written by classic rock artists that I grew up listening to.

Hope you enjoy and somehow these eventually provide you with a sense of comfort.

Sidenote: The sound of rain can be incredibly soothing and when you play it on a loop quietly behind songs it works a treat. Try listening to ‘Wasting my young years’ by London Grammar and click this


Antichrist- The 1975


Still In Love With You- Thin Lizzy


Wait- M83


Still Loving You- Scorpions


Possibility- Lykke Li


November Rain- Guns N’ Roses


My Favourite Room- Blossoms


Since I’ve been Loving You- Led Zeppelin


Move Together- James Bay


Try Me- UFO



Ayatollah- Catfish And The Bottlemen


Two out of three ain’t bad- Meat Loaf


Cold Desert- Kings Of Leon


I’ll be there for you- Bon Jovi


Rosalyn- Bon Iver and St Vincent


Faithfully- Journey


Night Call- London Grammar


Soldier Of Fortune- Deep Purple


Asleep- The Smiths