Blossoms’ debut is finally here!

Hey guys,

Stockport’s 5-piece indie poprock band finally released their self-titled debut album yesterday on 5th August 2016. After having their name plastered on my twitter feed over the past year, particularly the last few months with the release of singles ‘Charlemagne’ and ‘Getaway’, it was pretty much impossible not to listen to them.

The main thing that fascinates me about Blossoms and the crucial thing that sets them apart from other indie rock-pop bands is their use of layering different 80s synths and other effects to run alongside their incredibly well written lyrical style. Blossoms self-titled debut is a 12 track album with a mix of pre-released material and new tunes. Opening with anthemic ‘Charlemagne’ and finishing with a moody, nostalgic track like ‘Deep Grass’, Blossoms have perfectly executed the range of skills that they could each possibly have to offer and demonstrated it on every single song that features on the album. In many ways, ‘Blossoms’ is quite diverse in terms of the different styles that it presents.

Take one of my personal favourites, ‘Getaway’ for instance. If you compare it to ‘Smashed Pianos’, you can instantly tell that different influences have been used to create the two different tracks but  somehow manage to keep them completely original and raw sounding. Blossoms emanate a reinvention of 80s rock pop music with a modern twist leading to emotional, intricate and what seems to be, effortlessly beautiful songs.

After listening to ‘Blossoms’ in sequence, I would say that ‘Getaway’, ‘Honey Sweet’, ‘Blown Rose’, ‘Blow’ and ‘Deep Grass’ are my favourites. However as my familiarity with the album grows, I’m sure these will change. There simply isn’t a bad song.


 Blossoms were formed in just 2014 and they’ve already come this far. Trust me when I say that this is only the beginning for them.

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