Download Festival 2016-Day 3

  • Vukovi
  • Saxon
  • Don Broco
  • Iron Maiden

I thoroughly enjoyed the final day of Download Festival as every band that I saw, I had never seen before and it seemed that the sunday provided me with a range of bands that I wouldn’t usually pay to see separately so this also made it incredibly exciting.


All 3 photographs by myself


Photograph taken from Google Images
I didn’t actually get chance to see Vukovi at Download as their set was earlier on the Sunday morning and we spent at least 2 hours queuing to get into the actual car park so unfortunately I missed it but I had seen them for the first time a few weeks before at Leeds Brudnell Social Club. So based on their set in Leeds, I can wholeheartedly say that Vukovi will have been absolutely amazing at Download.

I hadn’t heard of Vukovi until I saw them live when Leeds-based band ‘Furr’ were supporting them ( see my interview with ‘Furr’ here) but I have to say, I was completely and utterly blown away. This Scottish born band has undoubtedly mastered what they refer to as ‘noisy pop rock’ and I would be inclined to compare them to ‘Paramore’. Do yourself a favour and check them out

Don Broco

Photographed by myself
So I had to run 20 minutes from the car park to the Encore Stage in order to see Don Broco. Fortunately, I got there half way through first song ‘You Wanna Know’ to find that the entire crowd was already moving. Rob (vocalist) had already enthused the audience to the point where there were already its forming near the centre barrier.  Broco’s debut, ‘Priorities’ was released in 2012 and peaked to number 25 in the UK’s album charts alongside second studio album ‘automatic’ which they played more from and was included at number 13 on Rock Sound‘s top 50 releases of 2015 list.

Don Broco were outstanding, although I do wish they had played more from their debut album as I prefer it to ‘Automatic’ but nevertheless, they were mesmerising.


As you had probably guessed, Saxon were incredible. As pioneers of the new wave of British heavy metal, you wouldn’t expect any less. Biff Byford entered the stage with the energy of a bull and immediately swept the crowd under his wing. Opening with thundering battering ram and finishing with the rambunctious Princess of the night, Saxon were beyond question one of the greatest bands I saw across the entire weekend.

Iron Maiden

Photograph taken from Google Images
Despite being a massive classic rock fan, I have to say that I have never really been too keen on Iron Maiden. Of course, I think that run to the hills and 666 the number of the beast are phenomenal rock songs but after hearing that they weren’t even planning to play run to the hills, I was incredibly disappointed. Around a quarter of the way through their set, I have to say, I just wasn’t feeling it. Bruce Dickinson was dressed in what looked like tracksuit bottoms and a hoodie which didn’t leave a good impression on me and his voice just wasn’t quite hitting it.

I have to give them props to the fact that their fan base are intensely loyal and the crowd anywhere near the stage were moving so much that it looked as if the ground had liquefied but personally, I didn’t get caught up in the hype and neither did my family so we left early.


Sidenote- The weather was by far the worst it had been across the weekend and it simply got the point where there was literally nothing you could do to shield yourself from it.